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JAVA MOSS – 250g – live aquarium carpet plant bogwood ornament fish fry shrimp


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250 Grams

They will need to be placed in water immediately after opening.


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Java Moss Description: Dark green to brownish in colour. It has long flowing strands that contain many small leaves. Grows in clumps and easily attached to bog wood, rocks or grown like a carpet over the substrate. Java moss can be grown completely submersed, immersed or terrestrially in damp conditions. Common Name: Java Moss Proper Name: Vesicularia Dubyana Category: Moss Country Origin: South East Asia Temperature: 15 – 28 C Lighting: Medium Growth Rate: Medium / Fast Difficulty: Easy Position in Aquascape: Floating / Attached to bog wood/ Rocks Propagation: by Cutting


Water Type

Water Temperature

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Difficulty Level


500 – 1000 lux – Medium

PH Levels

5, 6, 7

Growth Rate



5mg per Litre, 0mg per Litre, 10mg per Litre, 20mg per Litre