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Iris Kaempferi (white) x 3 Early Bird Season Deals Live Water Plant Aquatic Pond


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3 x Iris Kaempferi (white)

Large clear white flowers. Exotic clematis like flower – fond of acid soil, bogs are ideal for this plant



Lincolnshire Pond Plants primarily supply plants to the public for self-contained ponds. Definition of a pond; is an area of water that is NOT connected to any natural water ways such as streams, rivers, ditches etc…  Disposal of any pond plant should be via composting or through green waste collections, you SHOULD NOT dispose of them into any water ways, as this could have a serious impact on the natural eco system affecting other plant and wild life within the area. Through the poor mismanagement of the disposing of plant material into water ways in recent years, resulted in the banning of plants that give a huge amount of enjoyment. If you are unsure of the plant choice and/or the conditions, they require contact us for advice as we will be only too delighted to help or stick to more native plants these are identified within the catalogue with a union jack flag.



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