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Blyxa Japonica – Aquascaping Live Aquarium Plants Lincolnshire Pond Plants


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Blyxa Japonica has an attractive grassy, hedge-like appearance.This Blyxa species is not too difficult to grow if its basic requirements are met: intense lighting in the 2-4 watts per gallon range, CO2 injection, and a fertilization regimen including nitrate, phosphate, potassium, and micronutrient supplementation. If conditions are to its liking and lighting is intense, the leaves of Blyxa japonica will develop golden and reddish hues and the plants will exhibit more compact growth. If it does not receive enough lighting, however, Blyxa japonica will become taller, lankier, and greener.

Water Temperature

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1500 + Lux – Very Bright

PH Levels

5, 6, 7

Growth Rate



20mg per Litre, 30mg per Litre