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Calla palustris (Bog or Water Arum) Potted-1 LTR – Marginal Pond Plants – Pond Plants – Water Plants


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Calla palustris (Bog or Water arum) This attractive marginal plant produces simple white arum-like flowers in late spring, followed by bright red berries in autumn. It has heart-shaped glossy mid-green leaves, and spreads gradually on long creeping stems. It thrives in shallow water, and can be used to disguise the pond’s edge with its lush, slightly exotic-looking leaves. Unlike many pond plants, it will grow and even flower in shade, although planting in sun or part shade will result in more blooms. This is one of the very few plants known to be pollinated by snails as they are attracted by the flower’s scent. Harmful if eaten/skin & eye irritant. Grown In Lincolnshire. 1LTR POTTED plant supplied