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Charlene Strawn water lily – pond plants – water lilies – aquatic plants – LW04


Nymphaea ‘Clyde Ikins’ is a hardy waterlily. It was created by Dr. Kirk Strawn. It’s date of publication is 1996. It has petals that are creamy yellow with a hint of pink, shading to light yellow apricot at inner petals. It has large 4 to 6 inch blooms with 34 to 36 petals and it is a great blooming waterlily. It has medium green 6 to 8 inch pads on top while newer leaves are more olive with a hint of mottling. The best Strawn hybrids and has a strong fragrance.

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Charlene Strawn



Nymphaea ‘Charlene Strawn’ has rich yellow blooms fading to lighter yellow outer petals which when fully matured and is one of the most fragrant of all the hardy lilies. Lily pads are dark green with slight mottling. This yellow hardy water lily is very free flowering and has a long blooming season.

Depth: 30 – 60 cm

Spread: 1.2m – 1.5m