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Dactylorhiza Majalis Praetermissa – Orchid Native 1LTR bareroot – Marginal Pond Plants – Fish or Wildlife Pond and bog Aquatic Plants


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Dactylorhiza Majalis Praetermissa – Orchid – the southern marsh orchid or leopard marsh orchid. This native species is found close to water, in damp alkaline meadows, by ponds, lakes or reservoirs and in dune slacks. Dark pink flowers. three to eight dark spotted leaves are distributed on the stem which is hollow. Posting: Monday-Thursday Except Bank Holidays All Plants are posted FIRST CLASS Plants are packed to last 7 days. Supplier of plants: oxygenators, reeds, iris, water lilies, bog gardens, wildlife ponds, natural ponds, lakes, floating plants, deep water plants, marginals, native british and tropical.