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Eleocharis Vivipara – Tropical Aquarium Plants – Oxygenating Plant Aquarium, Fish Tank, Live Plants for aquascaping, mosses, Fern, Tropical Aquatic Plants.


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Eleocharis ViviparaThe umbrella hairgrass is also known as delicate grass for the background. The plants create the best effect when planted in large groups behinda stone structure or with delicate stem plants. The name vivipara comes from the Runners on the blade tips. NOT shrimp safe — Plants are incubated in a solution of 0.01% of the insecticide Buprafezin for one hour (Please do not just drop these in a shrimp tank or with any other crustacean. To use these within a tank please wash in water with baking soda under light. These are treated to remove the insecticide but there are cases where this has not been fully removed causing casualty’s in crustacean. Posting: Monday-Thursday Except Bank Holidays All Plants are posted FIRST CLASS Plants are packed to last 7 days. Supplier of plants: oxygenators, reeds, iris, water lilies, bog gardens, wildlife ponds, natural ponds, lakes, floating plants, deep water plants, marginals, native british and tropical.


Water Temperature

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1000 – 1500 lux – Bright

PH Levels

5, 6, 7

Growth Rate



10mg per Litre, 20mg per Litre