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Lincolnshire Marginal Pond Plants Medium Pond Pack Starter – Fresh Picked with Lily and Compost



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Medium pond starter kit is to give a new pond an initial starting point or to replenish and existing pond. 1xwater lily from our wide range,1x bulrush (typhs latifolia),1x yellow iris (pseudocrous), 1x juncus grass, 1x oxygenating bunch (elodea densa), 1x forget me not (Myosotis scorpiodes), 1x water mint (mentha Aquatica) , 1x var reed (Acorus Gramineus Variegatus, 1x Oxygenator ceratophyllum,1x nymphoide pelata, 8x 11cm pots,6 litres of compost – Most plants are native to encourage as much wildlife to your pond as possible, from frogs to newts and dragon flies.

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