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Alternifolius – Umbrella Plant – Tender perennial easily kept in a warm sheltered pond. Often sold as a house plant with clusters of tiny yellow flowers. Requires minimum temp 5C.

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Type of Plant

mature spread





Aquarium Packs

X Small (15l – 60l), Small (60l – 120l), Medium (120l – 180l), Large (180l – 400l), X-Large (400L +)

What you will receive:

X Small (15L – 60L)

Vesi.dubyana on bamboo stick 15cm x 1
Moss Ball x 1
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis x 1
Egeria densa x 1
Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’-submerged x 1
Limnophila sessiliflora-emerged x 1

Small (60L – 120L)

Microsorium pteropus on Lava rock x 1
Moss Ball x 2
Bacopa caroliniana-submerged x 2
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis x 2
Egeria densa x 2
Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’-submerged x 2
Sagittaria subulata-submerged x 2
Limnophila sessiliflora-emerged x 2


Medium (120L – 180L)

Microsorium pteropus on small driftwood x 1
Moss Ball x 5
Bacopa caroliniana-submerged x 5
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis x 5
Egeria densa x 5
Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’-submerged x 5
Sagittaria subulata-submerged x 5
Limnophila sessiliflora-emerged x 5


Large (180L – 400L)


Microsorium pteropus on small driftwood x 2
Moss Ball x 10
Bacopa caroliniana-submerged x 10
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis x 10
Egeria densa x 10
Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’-submerged x 10
Sagittaria subulata-submerged x 10
Limnophila sessiliflora-emerged x 10


X Large (400L +)


Microsorium pteropus on small driftwood x 3
Moss Ball x 20
Bacopa caroliniana-submerged x 20
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis x 20
Egeria densa x 20
Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’-submerged x 20
Sagittaria subulata-submerged x 20
Limnophila sessiliflora-emerged x 20