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Myriophyllum tuberculatum – Aquarium Plants – Aquarium, Fish Tank, Live Plants for aquascaping, mosses, Fern, Tropical Aquatic Plants.


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Myriophyllum tuberculatum a vigorous, deep-green wall of Weeping moss accentuates the orange-red Myriophyllum and the two light-green plants, Nymphoides and Hydrocotyle. The last-mentioned plant droops in cascades towards the low, dense Eleocharis mini, which elegantly brings out the small lobated leaves of Hydrocotyles. The warm, orange-red colour from Myriophyllum is also found in the tips of the group of Rotala sp. bonsai. NOT shrimp safe. Plants are incubated in a solution of 0.01% of the insecticide Buprafezin for one hour (Please do not just drop these in a shrimp tank or with any other crustacean. To use these within a tank please wash in water with baking soda under light. These are treated to remove the insecticide but there are cases where this has not been fully removed causing casualty’s in crustacean.

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Water Temperature

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1000 – 1500 lux – Bright, 500 – 1000 lux – Medium

PH Levels

6, 7

Growth Rate



5mg per Litre, 0mg per Litre, 10mg per Litre, 20mg per Litre