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Nupar Lutea – Brandy Bottle – Native Yellow Water Lily – Marginal Pond Plants – Bareroot – Fish or Wildlife Pond and bog Aquatic Plants – DF003


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Brandy Bottle (Nupar lutea) NATIVE Yellow Water Lily, this is a much loved plant by pond keepers and bee’s alike. This vigorous, deep water UK native plant is quite hardy and can tolerate running water and heavy shade making it extremely versatile and ideal for most ponds. With pretty bottle shaped flowers and a bouquet reminiscent of alcohol it is a perennial favourite. Posting: Monday-Thursday Except Bank Holidays All Plants are posted FIRST CLASS Plants are packed to last 7 days. Supplier of plants: oxygenators, reeds, iris, water lilies, bog gardens, wildlife ponds, natural ponds, lakes, floating plants, deep water plants, marginals, native british and tropical.

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