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Pond Planting Course


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My name is Dawn Fisher and I am one of the owners of Lincolnshire Pond Plants Ltd, I have had the pleasure of exhibited at several RHS shows being awarded GOLD as well as various other shows across the country and receiving GOLD awards.  Prior to becoming one of the countries leaders in pond plants I  have taught computer software development from secondary school level all the way up to degree level.


The company was started by my son in his back garden,  I came onboard to run the nursery greenhouses, propagating and planting our pond and bog plants. We now operate from a 15 acre site in the heart of the Lincolnshire wolds.


There are many types of ponds, from a small bowl through to prefabricated ponds to large lakes, from wildlife to ornament.  Some have elaborate pump systems and some have nothing but the natural ecosystem.  Within this course we cover the concepts of plants,  planting and natural plant filtration systems, however, it will not cover the mechanics of building ponds, the type of equipment  or mechanical filter/filtration.


Many people when mentioning ponds think water lilies and Pseudocorus (yellow flag irises), there are many more varieties of plants that have a range of colours, textures and architectural design to enhance any garden.  Many think ponds are hard work, but with the right planting the maintenance can be brought down to a minimum.  Water lilies can play an important role in the ecological balance of a pond by adding valuable shade, whether that be for fish from predators or blocking sunlight to prevent the formation of algae and blanketweed.  


This course will provide in depth knowledge and understanding of the pond you are trying to plant including the environment around the pond.  In depth detail about plants and planting  including an understanding of the wildlife you are trying to encourage.  The maintenance and water quality of the pond, as well as potential pests and diseases.  


Delivered in 3 sections – 

  • The Pond & Planting Environment 
  • Plants and Planting 
  • Seasonal maintenance and Pond Quality.  


Each section will be assessed before moving on to the next section.  




The assessment is scenario based taking a single case study from a client from understanding the client requirements and the physical constraints of the aspect of the pond, to recommendation for planting as well as detailed maintenance plans with an understanding of potential water quality problems and solutions.


On completion of the course you will receive a Lincolnshire Pond Plant Diploma Certificate of completion – PASS or a PASS with MERIT.