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PondPlantsUK Mixed Native Oxygenating Weed with Lead Weights for 3 Meter Squared of cover.


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This will be in 12 bunches.


Hornwort  – A very good oxygenator and can grow to great depths so is ideal to put in lakes and ponds. It is a free floating plant but weighting helps secure the plant in the required location. Hornwort has foliage that resemble small horns from the Greek “Ceratos” (horn).

Starwort – Callitriche Stagnalis is an excellent British, native, wild submerged pond plant. As a water star wort, it is submerged and part terrestrial (grows on land and in water). It is an excellent pond plant for oxygenating and maintaining clean and healthy pond water and provides a protected environment for small fish and wildlife.

Willow Moss – A greyish-green moss with branched stems. It grows all year round in both fast flowing and still water. It is so named because it was used in Sweden to fill up spaces in their chimneys and walls to exclude air and prevent fire.

Milfoil – A true oxygenator, this plant remains under the water. It has reddish foliage in whorls of four. It can grow from very deep but is best established in shallower water and allowed to acclimatise gradually. Myriophyllum spicatum (Spiked water milfoil)

Water Crowsfoot – An excellent oxygenator, it has three leaf forms, two above the surface and one below. It can grow in fast flowing or still water. It can often be seen, beautiful emerald green. In fast flowing rivers the foliage remains submerged.

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