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Java fern is one of the most popular plants in the aquarium hobby, due to its aesthetic appeal and ease of care. Several cultivars of Java fern exist. These include the “narrow leaf” Java fern, the “needle leaf” Java fern, the “Windelov” Java fern, the “trident” Java Fern, the “lance leaf” Java fern, and others. Cultivation in the aquarium is not problematic as long as the rhizome is tied to rock or driftwood and not planted directly into the substrate. Propagation can be done by attaching small adventitious plants, formed on the older leaves, to a rock or driftwood. This is most often done with thin wire, cotton thread, a zip tie, a rubber band or fishing line. This plant does particularly well with fish that are normally detrimental to plants, on account of its relatively bitter taste.

Height: 20–35 cm; width: 5–15 cm; light: low-high; temperature: 18–30 °C; pH tolerance: 6–8; kH: 2–15. Can also withstand slightly brackish conditions.

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